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Relocating your pet to Australasia

Australasia is the smallest continent, which includes Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, and some small islands in between. Australia is an immensely popular destination for many, as the Aussies way of life between work and the love of the great outdoors with the breath-taking natural landscapes and the friendly, open culture is all too hard to resist. Popular areas to live are Sydney, with its stunning harbour, Melbourne has a rich multi-cultural city, sports, fashion and festivals, Perth, a young bustling city with vast coastline and finally Adelaide, for those seeking a quieter life and open space. New Zealand is a relaxed laid-back country with a strong emphasis on sports and outdoor life, Kiwis are fun friendly people who you will soon find yourself at ease if taking about rugby or netball. Popular areas for brits are, Auckland- with its vibrant city and gorgeous nature and scenery to escape to, Wellington – Is ideal for those with a love of outdoors as your never too far from wide open spaces, it also boasts to have more cafes, bars, and restaurants the New York City. Christchurch – garden city on the east coast of the South Island an ever-developing city.

Moving pets to this part of the world requires is most cases tests and treatments, all of which are time sensitive, both Australia and New Zealand have quarantine upon arrival, which is required to be booked in advance, let us take the worry out of the long-haul move, request a quote.


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