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Relocating your pet to Hong Kong

A country know for its iconic skyline, what surprises most is that Hong Kong is 70% mountains and country parks, allowing for that escape from the busy sights and sounds of the city on one of the worlds smoothest transport systems. Renowned for being one of the best culinary capitals offering Cantonise, Sichuanese, Japanese or French.

Travelling with pets both in and out of Hong Kong will require some planning, as part of the import requirements an application to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for an import permit, this will also accompany a UK DEFRA Export Health Certificate. Vaccinations for both cats and dogs are required, pets need to have been resident in the UK since birth or 180 days prior to export, for them not to require a rabies vaccination to travel. Why not let us take the worry out of moving and request a quote today.



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